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Create your own story

With Netstory you can build any type of story regardless of the genre. From Virtual Novels to more traditional Text Adventures you can build anything that comes to mind.

Make stories of any length. Create a 5 minute or 100 hour story. Create multiple chapters, or build one long story. Your readers can start over from the same scene when they return.

Unlimited characters. Use from 1 to 500 characters in your story.

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Publish and earn

Publish your stories. Create a story just for your friends and family, or a story that you want to publish to the world. Netstory will gives the possibility to publish your story on all most common platforms.

We help you find assets. Add unlimited images, videos, characters and sound or voices to your story.

Earn through playthroughs. We are to creating a subscriber base of players a the revenue will be channeled to the creators.

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No-code, easy builder

Netstory's online builder has been designed to make creating complex engaging stories as easy as possible.

Make stories of any length. Your story can be from 5 minutes to 100 hours long. Break your adventure into multiple chapters, or build one long story. Your readers can easily quit, and start from the same scene when they return.

Create multiple endings. Your story can be a loop, or have 100 different endings.

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Easy to use graphical builder

Build easily with our graphical story builder. You can just click, write and click again to create your story and the decision paths.

No coding skills are needed to create stories with Netstory. If you have trouble you can fall back to our help guides or ask in our creator community.

We are continuously looking for feedback to improve and make our builder truly the best in the world.

Stories brought to life with Netstory

Explore this Made with Netstory showcase to learn how artists, designers and storytellers around the world employ Netstory for their award-winning interactive fiction, text adventures and virtual novel experiences.

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Build once, deploy anywhere

Reach the widest audience and feel confident. Build your content once and deploy across all major mobile, desktop, console, web, and TV platforms to captivate audiences across formats such as Steam, Playstation, Xbox, iOS, Android and more.

Earn from visitors. The more people spend time on your story, the more you will earn. You can also set your own prices. Learn more by registering.

Note: To get your story on mentioned the platforms it needs to be a part of the Netstory platform.

Get AAA assets for your story

If you need assets like voice acting, graphics or anything else, you can join our creators community to get it. Our creators community is a hand picked selection of creators working with us to ensure you have all the tools you need to create your unique, engaging story.

Help us build a new format

Our goal is to create a new modern format of entertainment. Join the story of Netstory now and start creating.

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